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Cemetery: Immaculate Conception Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Achman, Joshua Robert 06/19/2008
Adelman, Cynthia Lou 07/18/2016
Adelman, Jessica Lora
Anderson, Marie 10/02/1983
Anderson, Mary 07/12/2011
Anderson, Stacie 03/14/1985
Angell, Bruce 04/10/1999
Bartell, Harriet Mary 05/09/2018
Bartell, Leslie "Les" W. 08/20/2013
Baumgartner, Roma Susan 01/01/1966
Bender, Cletus 01/03/2004
Bender, Mildred 10/27/1996
Blad, Joseph 05/07/1998
Boettcher, Edward Christian 01/10/2016
Boettcher, Ethel 10/21/1982
Boettcher, James Wesley 07/16/2013
Boettcher, Mary Anna 04/02/2016
Boettcher, Wesley 01/03/1984
Burger, Patricia A. 05/20/2017
Burger, Thomas 09/12/2008