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Cemetery: Immaculate Conception Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Burger, Thomas 09/12/2008
Cayan, Freda 05/17/1975
Cayan, Irving 03/05/1989
Chavalier, Elmer 03/27/1968
Chmielewski, John Paul 03/26/2014
Danielson, Herbert 12/17/1992
Deyak, John 08/29/2006
Dwyer, Margaret 12/16/1991
Dwyer, Russell 01/09/1980
Francis, Leslie 06/18/1983
Garland, Aaron Donald 08/15/2008
Garland, Donald 01/22/1998
Gavin, Aurthor 06/06/2006
Gavin, Flora Jane 06/21/2016
Gavin, William Patrick 04/06/2015
Haessly, Harry 09/18/1995
Haessly, Joeann 02/15/2004
Hanson, Lyle D. 06/04/2004
Hartkopf, Larry Marvin "Chief" 09/09/2018
Hartkopf, Patricia (Ertl)
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